Universal invoice export for Autotask PSA

Invoice export to any accounting software

UBL stands for Universal Business Language. This is a standard format introduced by the industry as a solution to simplify invoice processing. A UBL file is an invoice in the form of an XML file. This XML file contains all information that contains a normal PDF invoice, but in a structured and fixed format. Tools that support UBL can import these documents after which all billing information such as amount, date and VAT is automatically loaded. With UBL you never have to retype receipts and invoices!


What we do:

Goolash can link just about any software package to one another.
This makes the management of licenses a lot easier.

Upload & process your Autotask sales invoices directly into your accounting software.

Invoices are formatted in a UBL XML format which your accounting software understands. Once uploaded, invoices are automatically booked on the configured ledger.

Tested with :

Maximizing profits for IT service providers worldwide with a carefree automated billing integration between all major vendors and Autotask PSA!

Integration features

  • Get in touch to activate the export engine.



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