Lastpass MSP automation for Autotask PSA

What is Lastpass MSP?

The LastPass MSP solution provides Managed Service Providers (MSPs) visibility and control over every access point of their customer’s business.
With its integrated single sign-on and password management solution, LastPass allows your company to generate incremental revenue while seamlessly managing your customers’ accounts in a single pane of glass. 

What we do:

We created a custom Google Chrome extension to obtain license information and automatically sync this information to Goolash so contracts are updated in Autotask PSA.
This way you won’t miss out on unbilled licenses

Maximizing profits for IT service providers worldwide with a carefree automated billing integration between all major vendors and Autotask PSA!

Integration features

  • Get in touch to get the Google Chrome extension account and connect with the Goolash ecosystem.
  • Map your customers to the correct contract

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