Generic supplier billing automation for Autotask PSA

Microsoft CSP

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program (CSP) enables partners to directly manage their entire Microsoft cloud customer lifecycle. ... Partners can easily package their own tools, products and services, and combine them into one monthly or annual customer bill.

Excel / CSV import

What we do:

Goolash can link just about any software package to one another.
This makes the management of licenses a lot easier.

Changes are monitored, sold licenses are registered in a timely manner and the turnover can be invoiced immediately.
We even support consumption based billing.
In short, Goolash is a workflow solution that streamlines your billing process, saves your employees’ valuable time and increases your profit.

With the generic supplier import engine, you're able to connect any vendor based on digital information such as CSV or other tabular data.

Upload once and configure the product mapping.
Next time, mail the CSV on a regular base to a unique email address and Goolash will take care of the rest.

Maximizing profits for IT service providers worldwide with a carefree automated billing integration between all major vendors and Autotask PSA!

Integration features

  • Obtain the data through means of a CSV file.
  • Follow the import wizard to map the correct data.
  • Alternatively, get in touch to link your API account, if available, into the Goolash ecosystem.
  • Map your customers to the correct contract




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