Distributor license management for Copaco in to Autotask PSA

Distributor integration Copaco

Copaco is a distributor in the Benelux and France of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). They offer a broad portfolio of cloud services.
Including Microsoft, Antivirus and backup vendors.

What we do:

You connect through the Copaco API to obtain license information and automatically sync this information to Goolash so contracts are updated on a daily basis.
This way you won’t miss out on any unbilled licenses.
This way, you can manage all the licenses you purchase at Copaco without the administrative overhea

Maximizing profits for IT service providers worldwide with a carefree automated billing integration between all major vendors and Autotask PSA!

Integration features

  • Get in touch to link your Copaco API account into the Goolash ecosystem.
  • Map your customers to the correct contract



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