Deliver protection and up-to-date billing to your clients with Datto SaaS Protection

SaaS Protection from Datto is a leader in the MSP space and provides customers a reliable and secure Cloud Backup tool. It helps you to ensure that critical data, email and docs from your Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace tenants are fully protected.

But how can you easily bill all those licences that you sold your end customer at the end of the month? Goolash has the solution with our new generic CSV import tool!

In this post we show you how you can handle and automate your license management in a few clicks.

Export your licensing data from SaaS Protection

To get started, log in to your Datto portal and go to Status - SaaS Protection Status (1) dashboard.


Switch to your Licenses overview (1) and find the Export link (2) to download the reporting CSV. This file contains the licenses you manage for each customer.

Import your data in Goolash

Now you have all you need to start syncing with your Autotask contracts. Grab your CSV file and log in to your Goolash account.

Go to the Import tool. Create a new Vendor (1) and call it "Datto SaaS Protection" (2).

Select your CSV file as Data file (3) and press the "Import data file" button (4).

In the next step, we need to tell Goolash where to find the right data. Map each column from the CSV file to the right field. Tick the checkbox that matches each required column:

  • Client Name column maps to both Customer ID and Customer Name
  • Product maps to both Product Name and Product SKU
  • Current Usage maps to License Count

Press the "Preview import" button to continue and verify your data.

If you're happy with the results, press the "Import Data" button (1) to create the contracts in your Goolash account.

You'll be redirected to your imported data. All that's left to do is connect (1) each contract to the correct Autotask account, map each product to its corresponding Autotask Service.

We'll take care of the rest from here!

Goolash remembers your field mapping, so it 'll be even easier to update these contracts next month. Export your Datto Saas Protection data, upload the file and we'll automatically update your Autotask contracts.

Share your feedback

We'd love to hear your thoughts on working with Datto Saas Protection data and our generic import tool. Don't hesitate and get in touch!

Automate your Datto Saas Protection billing 


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