Come and celebrate your gain of time and money with us!!

"Hey, what's up?", I asked Jef.
He smiled at me and answered: "we have passed the 650.000 barrier!! Cheers!
He gave me a glass of champagne upon which we toasted and enjoyed the bubbles.

Do you know what Jef means with '650.000 barrier'? I did not, so I asked, and he told me.
Here's the story.

It all starts in 2017 when a Belgian ICT-entrepreneur who offers a variety of cloud subscriptions notices that there is an anomaly between the sums he pays to Microsoft, Google and other vendors and the amounts invoiced to customers. Somewhere in the process of connecting the buying and selling environment, human mistakes must be at the root of often minor and sometimes major discrepancies, he thinks. He discusses the matter with his staff and hears them say that they experience the billing process as quite time- and energy consuming and prone to errors. Jef's company is doing great and the pressure on staff members can be high.

Dear reader, we all agree that losing money is not exactly what we favour, is it?

Jef agrees on that too and he starts thinking of a solution to automate the billing process. Jef's company uses AUTOTASK PSA for admin purposes and sells Microsoft and Google subscriptions. The solution they develop for internal use makes them save plenty of time and reduces the errors to zero. Jef shares his enthusiasm with people in his network and unintentionally arouses their curiosity. Just like you right now, people want to try things out and experience how it feels to save time and reduce errors to close to zero.

What started as a solution for internal use gets a name: Goolash. Jef's team continues the development and gradually more and more partners worldwide start using the solution and share feedback. The solution turns into a Company (also named Goolash) and today we celebrate 650.000 licenses that are currently managed by over 100 partners worldwide!

Why don't you come and celebrate with us?

You'll get so much more than a glass of champagne. Click here to start your free trial! When, after your free month, you decide to continue the party, we offer a 20% discount for the first year. Use our calculator to discover this gift!

Talk to you soon!

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