Find out what's on Goolash's roadmap

Our team is very happy with the core functionality of the app, but we've had some great suggestions from our community on new features that we'd love to implement. We can't get to them all, but options such as support for multiple users is definitely on the list. 

Release notes for Goolash

What is new

Only account owners are allowed to add and remove users. Go to the Team Members page via the top-right menu and add an email address to invite a new team member.

We will send an email containing a link to accept the invitation. They can sign in using either their Microsoft or Google email account. Once signed-in, we'll add them to your team immediately.

You can revoke access at any time on the same Team Members page.

June 3rd, 2021

Configure how to charge consumption data in Autotask

We've added two more options for you to configure the way you want to charge consumption data in Autotask.

You can choose whether or not to import zero charges. Some customers prefer to display these on the invoices to their clients as well.

It's also possible to charge every single imported line instead of charging the total now. You can configure this per vendor, so depending on the type of service you can determine whether or not we should combine everything into a single charge.

May 30rd, 2021

Track when data was last imported

Track when data was last imported

April 14th, 2021

Label ignored and trial products in reports

Our email reports tell you how many licenses were added or removed. It wasn't clear whether or not these products were configured to be ignored or are in trial mode.

We've fixed that for you by labeling products clearly in the report.

April 12th, 2021

Goolash now supports consumption-based billing data

We've extended the capabilities of our generic import tool. Besides unit-based data, you can also import consumption-based billing data!

Read more on our blog.

April 14th, 2021

Better support for suspended products

We received a lot of questions about different ways of handling suspended products. Some of you prefer to remove a suspended product from the contract, while others actually want to keep on syncing the license count.
You now have full control over the handling of suspended products. Find the new product suspension options on your Configuration page.

This new feature also fixes a bug where suspended products that were also overridden to a non-default Autotask service would not be removed from the contract.

March 23rd

Configure a minimum amount of licenses

You can now set a minimum for each contract service. The total number of licenses will never go below the configured amount.

Minimum number of licenses

To see it in action, go to the contract you want to edit and press the Configure button next to the product. Fill in a minimum value in the input field and you're set.

March 11th

Find out the official Microsoft product SKU when mapping services

Microsoft product naming can sometimes be confusing. We also sometimes see Tier 2 distributors use different product names than the official ones.

This can make it tricky to map your services correctly. For that reason, we're now displaying the official Microsoft SKU for each product in the mapping page.

SKU example

February 24th

Ignore products globally

By popular demand, we've made it possible to ignore products on a global level. Up until today, you could only ignore individual product entries per contract.

To ignore a product across your entire account, toggle the "Ignore" switch next to each line in the Autotask Service mapping view.

February 23rd

Receive a regular report on changes in your managed licenses

Our reporting feature has been released. We'll track any changes in license count and send you a regular report.

Read more about this feature on our blog!

February 3rd

Link multiple vendors to a single Autotask contract

You can nox link multiple vendor contracts to a single Autotask contract.

Read all about it on our blog.

January 20th

Set a custom time interval for unmapped product alerts

Last month we released a feature to send you an alert each day in case any of your connected contracts contained an unmapped product.

We've updated this feature so you can choose how often you want to receive these messages. Pick a dailyweekly or monthly schedule in your settings, or choose never to disable this feature entirely.

January 22nd

Login alerts

Starting today, we will send you an alert via e-mail if we detect a login from a new IP. We send these emails to help keep your account secure.

If you no longer wish to receive these alerts, you can disable this feature on the Configuration page.

January 15th

Pause Autotask synchronisation

You can now temporarily pause the synchronization with Autotask. We received a lot of requests about this feature, mostly to temporarily stop syncing a contract when there are uncertainties about the agreements made with the customer.

There are two ways to do this:

  • You can pause an individual contract. Open up the contract and find the Pause button on the top of the page.
  • Pause all Autotask contracts at once. To do so, go to the Configuration page and press the Pause button next to the Autotask application.

January 6th

Store notes and remarks in each contract

We've added a notes field to contracts.

You can use this field to write down notes and additional information about your customer and this particular contract.

December 18 2020

Import license information from CSV or Excel

🎄 Christmas came early this year! We've given you preview access to our brand new Import tool.

You can now upload CSV or Excel files containing licensing information from any vendor. We'll turn it into contracts that you can sync with Autotask.

When you upload a new file with updated information, we'll automatically update each related contract as well.

You can read more about this new feature on our blog.

December 7 2020

Be notified of unmapped products

You can now get a daily e-mail reminder if any connected contract has unmapped products.

You can turn this feature on or off in your settings.

December 3 2020

Added proper support for Google Workspace products

Following the recent announcement of Google Workspace, we've implemented support for these products and released it today.

If you are selling a Google Workspace product, they will now show up in your contracts so you can sync them up to Autotask.

November 24 2020

You now have full control over start/end date of new contracts

Up until today, start and end dates were automatically determined based on the information we received from Microsoft or Google. This proved to be very inflexible - and sometimes confusing even.

That's why we have updated our Connect wizard so you can configure the start and end date yourself when creating a new Autotask contract. You now have full control over the process!

Connect wizard start and end date example

When linking to an existing Autotask contract, these options are hidden. It's not possible to change the start date or billing period of an existing Autotask contract.

November 16 2020

Hide contracts from the list

You can now hide contracts that are no longer being used or should not be synced at all, so they don't get in your way. This was a little but often requested change.

Open up a contract and check the checkbox next to Hide contract. If you need to access it again at a later time, you can always find it by searching for it or by toggling the Hide filter on the contracts page.

October 27 2020

Support trial subscriptions

We've rolled out support for trial subscriptions. This means you no longer have to ignore them manually!

If a subscription is marked as a trial, we will display a blue "trial" label next to the product name in the contract view: Trial label example

These subscriptions will be ignored in your Autotask contracts from now on.

October 23 2020

Fixed bug related to suspended products

We recently discovered a bug that would prevent suspended or deactived products from being removed from your contract.

This has now been solved and inactive products will be reset to 0 units in your contracts again.

October 15 2020

Company names instead of domain

You'll probably noticed already: instead of your customer's domain names, we're now showing their actual company name. This change was often requested and for good reason: it makes more sense to talk about companies than domain names. Domain names can change or customers might be referred to by multiple domains.

Don't worry if you got used to the previous workflow: you can still search on domain name too.

October 8 2020

Support for Autotask Service Bundles

We have recently rolled out support for Autotask Services Bundles. You can now group multiple products together in a Service Bundle via the Product configuration in each contract.

Read more about this new feature on our blog.

October 5 2020

Exclude or ignore service units

You can now exclude a fixed number of units from the products in your contracts. If needed, you can even ignore an entire service at once.

Read more about this new feature on our blog.

September 26 2020

Inspect your known Autotask Accounts

Goolash fetches your Autotask Account list silently in the background so you can map them when connecting a contract. If you recently made a change to an account in Autotask, it might take a little while before we synced up with the latest version.

To remedy this, you can now manually inspect and refresh your Autotask Accounts. Go to the Configuration page and select the Accounts button to access the list.

September 28 2020

Change the default Contract end date

We received a lot of questions about changing the way a contract's end date is determined. By default, Goolash will determine the contract's end date by looking at the products with the most future end date.

You can now add a custom number of years or month to the contract's start date via the Configuration page and configure the default end date as you wish.

Configuration page