9 popular CSP billing tools that our MSP partners love the most

As a managed service provider you have to juggle a lot of information at the same time. There are a huge number of applications out there, large and small, to help you run your business effectively. We've listed some of the most popular tools we've learned about from our MSP partners here.

If you're looking to get started or thinking about switching your current solution, we recommend you take any the following tools into consideration!

Autotask PSA

Autotask PSA unifies all operational and administrative data in a centralised location. It has the necessary tools for everyone in your organization: from technicians to sales and executive management.

As the central hub of an MSP's business, there are currently over 170 killer integrations available, like Goolash.

Autotask is born in the cloud and is one of the fastest growing PSA solutions worldwide. It is a one stop solution for MSPs worldwide with advanced billing and procurement possibilities.

Autotask PSA was acquired by Datto which recently went public. Datto also offers RMM and backup software which works great with the Autotask PSA offering. Access to their product starts at $85/user/month.

Connectwise Manage

Connectwise is a complete ERP system for the managed service provider. Their platform consists of multiple products: Connectwise Manage is their PSA offering, Connectwise Sell is their quotation and billing product, Connectwise Recover does backups and Connectwise Automate fills in your RMM requirements.

With this single platform you get insights into all internal processes, projects, customers and results throughout your company. There's much more available but these are the main products for running your MSP.

Connectwise offers a free trial to get you started.

Kaseya Billing & Finance

Kaseya BMS allows you to manage your business management processes. It covers all the needs an MSP has: ticketing, CRM, Project Management, Billing & invoicing, Time Tracking and more.

It's part of the larger Kaseya stack and integrates nicely with their other products. Excellent for smaller businesses and IT departments as it's not too complex to set up.

Prices start at $35/user/month.

Solarwinds MSP Manager

SolarWinds MSP Manager is designed for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who support small to medium sized businesses, as well as for IT departments with large distributed systems to manage.

It includes features such as Endpoint monitoring, AntiVirus, E-mail filtering, Backup, Patch management, Service Desk ticketing and Remote control.

They also offer a free trial.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is not focused on MSPs in particular. Dynamics is part of the Microsoft Business Solutions suite and is more geared towards the business owner who prefers to have full control over the way he or she builds out their business processes.

Most software is either focused on ERP or CRM, whereas Dynamics is both and much more.

The main reason why an MSP would choose to work with Dynamics are the out-of-the-box integrations with Sharepoint, Yammer, Microsoft 365, Azure and other productivity tools in the Microsoft suite.

Initially available for installation on-prem, Dynamics 365 is now fully cloud based. For smaller enterprises Microsoft is offering this as part their Microsoft Business Central package.


Syncro combines PSA and RMM on their platform with several integrated tools such as invoicing, Credit Card Payments, Help Desk, Customer Management, Automation, Scripting, Remote Access, Email Marketing and more.

Compared to the other solutions on this list, their pricing plan gives access to the entire suite in a single price per user.

Pulseway PSA

Pulseway PSA touts itself as the ultimate business management software for MSPs. It includes an easy to use CRM, service desk and project management system next to its billing and invoicing capabilities.

Along with their PSA software, they also offer an RMM solution, backup tooling and Endpoint Protection. The company is located in Ireland.

Pulseway PSA starts $35/month per user and offers a free trial. They have a very accessible training section with videos to learn and understand their software, which gets a big plus from us!


Teamleader is a well-known Belgium company that focuses on customer management, project management and invoicing. Their software is not geared specifically to MSPs but to self-employed, small and medium-sized enterprises in general.

Their low barrier to entry and easy-to-use interface has made them a favorite among many starting MSPs and IT companies!

They're based in Belgium and are expanding throughout Europe at a rapid pace. Their offering starts at €50/month and they offer a two week trial.

Exact Online

Like our previous example, Exact Online is more generalised cloud business software that does not focus specifically on the MSP market. It promotes itself to all sorts of SMEs and large enterprises.

Together with their bookkeeping software you can subscribe to their CRM, HRM and Hours & Billing and Project Management tools as well. If you have offices in multiple locations they provide Exact for International Business.

In the Benelux region they are mostly known among MSPs for their accounting software which comes with a powerful API. Their headquarters are located in the Netherlands.

They offer a free trial and their lowest price plan starts at €39/month.

What's your favourite?

Goolash already integrates with Autotask PSA to help you automate your license billing. We're only getting started and are constantly adding new integrations. We'd love to hear from you which solution you are using to manage your MSP business!


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